Friday, 16 August 2013

Team Delta (/o3o)/ Welcome All!

Hello there! We are Team D from Class S1-09 2013 of the School of Science and Technology Singapore. Our IRS Teacher is Ms. Cassandra Kaur. Even though we are officially called S1-09 Team D, we like to call ourselves Research Team Delta! If you are not from Singapore, feel free to give your Country of origin in the comments section below! Here are our group mates:

1) Project Manager: Ray Chua (11)

Welcome to our blog! As you can see, I am the team's leader. I hope that we will be able to give our best as we carry out this research project! I like to write fan fiction, especially for Minecraft. I enjoy watching anime too (Attack on Titan being my favourite), but not as much as Nikisha, our Communications Manager does! 

2) Research Specialist: Javier Tay (15)

If you were wondering,  I am the chubby guy on on the left. I formed the name for this team, "Research Team Delta", much to the chuckles of my fellow team. I am also the Research Specialist of this group. I am no sporty person, as you can tell from my physique. It might surprise you that I joined a sports CCA, fencing, and I actually enjoy it.  The musicians whom I like listening to is Air Supply(an oldies soft rock duo), Adele (a British female talent) and Bruno Mars (an American pop singer). I basically spent most of my childhood reading and I developed Myopia because of my passion. I will do my best to strive for this team and make it the most awesome one for years to come!

3) Communications Manager: Nikisha Tan-Mishra (6)

Hey! ^3^ I'm just your average student who's awesome and I'm the communications manager of this group. I probably have more hates than likes, but some things I fancy are anime, manga and music. Particularly songs by Vocaloid, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin' Park, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, or just any emo or alternative rock band. I also like karate, ICT and did I mention anime and manga? 

 4) Multimedia Manager: Sean Lim (19)

Hi! My name is Sean, I am the Multimedia Manager. My interests are android computing development and I love sports as well. I mess around with the computer a lot when I am free and learn many things about tech while doing so, which makes me sort of well known for help with IT ><" . I do sports such as basketball, badminton and soccer. Amongst all these sports, I am best in Badminton and so I joined Badminton CCA :D