From the results we have obtained from all our surveys, we can observe several trends:

1) Most of the participants of the survey are from Secondary 1.

2) Our top 3 wanted facilities are:

    1. Observatory
    2. Outdoor Science Lab
    3. Community Garden

3) Our top 4 possible placement of facilities are:

    1. The undeveloped roof

    2. The space left of the ISH
    3. The space in front of the Dance Studio 
    4. The gravel stone patch 

4) Our top 3 most liked facilities are:

    1. Our Space 
    2. Info Hub
    3. ISH

5) The current facilities that the participants want to be improved are: 

    1. The Multi Purpose Hall
    2. Our Space

6) Most of the participants think that the school is Eco-Friendly. One-third of the participants think otherwise.

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