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Selecting our Research Topic:

Link to the mindmap:

This is the mind map that we created when we brainstormed what aspects of SST do we want to research on. After our discussion, we have come selected 5 possible aspects to present to Ms. Kuar.

1. Use of technology in SST for enriching student's learning.

2. Special Subjects offered at SST.

3. The various unique SST facilities.

4. Special Subjects offered at SST.

5. Special CCA's offered at SST.

Since 2 other groups were doing the 1st and 2nd aspects, we chose the 3rd aspect. 

After listening to the teacher's review of our research topic, we decided to slightly change the focus of our research topic to Facilities that are outdoor.


Our IRS Research Sentence:

    A study and improvement of the use of the outdoor facilities of SST


1. Are students satisfied with our current complement of outdoor facilities?

2. Are these outdoor facilities eco-friendly?

3. Are more outdoor facilities required?

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