Minutes of Meetings

Meeting Dates:


Meeting #1

When did it take place?  18/7

Where: In classroom S1-09

Organisation and cleaning-up of blog.

Absentees: None


Meeting #2

When did it take place?  23/7

Where: Info-Hub

What: We discussed and wrote part of the script for our 'Evaluation of Research Persuasive' video

Absentees: Javier  


Meeting #3

When did it take place?  24/7

Where: Info-Hub

What: We finished our script for our 'Evaluation of Research Persuasive' Video

Absentees: None


Meeting #4

When did it take place?  31/7

Where: Outside ICT Helpdesk

What: We filmed our 'Evaluation of Research Persuasive' Video

Absentees: Sean and Javier


Meeting #5

When did it take place?  15/8

Where: InfoHub. 

What: Discussed about Interview Questions

Absentees: Sean and Nikisha


Meeting #6

When did it take place?  20/8

Where: InfoHub

As you can see here, none of us were absent since all of us are in this photo. However, Sean did arrive late as we had this little mix-up in our meeting dates. (It's our first time doing a project of this scale and importance) 

What we did in today's meeting was to assign work and roles to our respective teammates. 

Progress Log

Sean: Cleared up his role as Multimedia Manager

Ray: Finished editing Research Justification.

Nikisha: Finished up information in Research Justification

Javier: Finished up the methods tab


Meeting #7

When did it take place?  22/8

Where:  Classroom

Here we have Nikisha and Javier. Ray was taking this photo. We're all listening to Ms, Kaur informing us about our next assignment, which was to tabulate our information onto our "Results" tab. Then we are suppose to make a detailed analysis and draw a conclusion from the data. Our conclusion would be placed onto the "Discussions" tab.

Progress Log

All of us got more feedback from our teacher on how we should improve on our blogs and how to organise the data for our research and survey.


Meeting #8

When did it take place?  27/8

Where: InfoHub

Heres a picture of ray explaining what we have to do for the meeting!
Javier's taking a mental break after thinking of survey questions....
Nikisha and Sean discussing about the Research justification information

Progress Log

For today, we finished deciding when to finish handing out the IRS Survey Forms. We had not gotten the information that we had wanted, so we had to do our survey again. What we also did was to finish up our Research Justification. Finally! After so much procrastination... 

Nikisha! What are you doing?! You're suppose to be PRODUCTIVE! 


Meeting #9

When did it take place? 29/8

Where? Classroom

<---Our group busy talking about the deadlines for the surveys.

Progress Log

Sorted out roles for data collection for Nikisha and Sean.

Sean - Tabulation of surveys (paper)

Nikisha - Tabulation of Online survey

Javier Finished up the last few surveys to our classmates and Ray helped out in checking the survey answers to see if they were usable.


Meeting #9

When did it take place? 3rd September 2013
Where? Area outside info hub

The Group working outside the infohub, discussing on who should which part of the survey for the data

Progress Log:
Reviewed tabulated data and assigned rows on who should start making pie and bar graphs. Started work on generation of pie and bar graphs.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meeting #10

When was it? 18th September 2013
Where? Info Hub

^ Javier being productive

< Nikisha fooling around (as per usual)

< Ray being extra productive

Progress Log:
Sean and Nikisha started to clean up the blog and prepare it for submission, Javier and Ray helped to check the blog too.


Meeting #11

When was it? 19th September 2013
Where was it? Classroom

 Productivity Log:
Continued on cleaning up our blog, Removed Unnecessary tabs and content. Progress on blog preparation.   

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